Local food and typical products

tartufo1The truffle
Pietralunga offers its visitors numerous traditional local products both in gastronomy and  crafts. Truffles,  in all their varieties,  are the main products,   in particular the   precious white truffle or “Trifola” that grows and develops in our territory, its ideal habitat. There are many “truffle hunters” and some local companies are involved in the trade and processing of this precious fruit of our forests.
It is the most representative typical product in our territory that counts 2,200 inhabitants. 300 of them are licensed truffle hunters. Thanks to the harvesting of the valuable white truffle from September to December, followed by the period of the “bianchetto” truffle from January to April and finally by  the “scorzone” from June to July, Pietralunga can be undoubtedly defined land of excellence for truffles.
In fact, every year lots of tourists visit the main truffle exhibition-market held in October with the presence of many exhibitors from the neighbouring regions.
The truffle from  Pietralunga, exported to Europe, the United States, Asia and Russia, is an important economic source for the territory with the presence of  two major truffle processing companies: the Jimmy Tartufi and Giuliano Tartufi.  They process the precious fruit of this land to make many tasty products: from sauces to creams, from truffle -flavoured olive oil to sterilized or frozen truffles.
Among other traditional products the“Potatoes from Pietralunga” are worth mentioning; they are  very popular in our area. They present a very fine pulp and an incomparable taste, they are ideal for making one of the most popular local  dishes such as the “ gnocchi” that are best served flavoured with truffles.
However,  in Pietralunga good food is the rule; other typical local products worth mentioning  are: the “porchetta” (spit roasted pork), cold meats,  sausages, cheeses, the “cappelletti” and the  “torciglione”   a cake shaped like  a snake and legumes such as lentils and chick peas or grass peas.

Here is a list of typical products processed  by local business companies:

  • The Truffle
  • The White potato De.Co. Pietralunga
  • The purple potato from Pietralunga
  • The hazelnut cream
  • The wine and wild cherry liqueur
  • Linen
  • Saffron