Vademecum to Welcome the Pilgrim

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· Via di Francesco

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Yellow – blue signage

· Cammino di Assisi

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Green signage

· Di qui passo Francesco

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TAU yellow signage

· Sentieri CAI

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Red – white signage

· Franziskusweg Italien (Cammino di San Francesco)

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It has no signage, the pilgrims travel with their own guide and come from Bocca Serriola, then the path coincides with the others.

· The Way of St Francis

Yellow – blue signage

2) Description Stage Pietralunga – Gubbio

Departure: Pietralunga
Arrival: Gubbio
Length (km): 26.2
Distance: medium
Travel time: 7 hours
Difficulty: medium excursion

From the square, at the foot of the Rocca Longobarda, take Via Roma on the left. At the end of the descent (km 1), gostraight on, towards Salceto Lame and Morena. Approximately 1 Km after, turn right onto a gravel road. Cross thestream and begin the ascent (km 1,8); the first 500 m are steep, but then the path progressively climbs.At the fork (km 3,9) continue paying attention to the paint signs that you will see on a group of stones. Continue on aslight slope and then downhill on asphalt; in less than 1 km you can reach the Abbey of San Benedetto Vecchio (3.8km). Pass the bridge on the bend, 512 m above sea level (km 5.4), go up a wide path. You walk with ease throughwoods and open meadows, which offer sweeping views over the surrounding hills. You pass the Sesse farmhouse,711 mslm (Km 8,2). The path alternates easy climbs and gentle descents. Cross an artificial lake (km 8,6) andcontinue straight ahead, entering the coniferous forest.You will see a group of old farmhouses, Walk downhill to (km10,5) to the left on an uneven road for less than 200 m. After going through a passageway (if closed, it will need to beclosed again), Passby a beautiful farmhouse built with tipical local stone and a farm on the right (km 12,23).

There is an easy climb uphill until you reach the village of Madonna di Montecchi (km 15). From this point you continueon a road and, suddenly there is a beautiful veiw of the flat ground around Gubbio, where the horizontal lines of thefields intersect the vertical lines of the trees along the irrigation channels. Once in Loreto (km 16.4), the landscapechanges: the silent woods give the chance to appreciate the views of cultivated fields and villages. You reach a tree-lined viewing area next to the church of San Giovanni Battista (usually closed, but the kind caretaker lives right infront).Continue downhill, until reaching the village of Abbadia di Piazza, where you continue on a secondary road, lined with oak tress. After the kids playground (km 18.4), you reach the intersection with the provincial road (km 19.3), which you cross (on the right there is a bar) pay attention to the passing vehicles. You reach the locality Raggio and start a long stretch on flat land, a bit ‘boring.Be careful, in the height of summer, in the sun. At the top, on Monte Ingino, you will see the sanctuary of Sant’Ubaldo and the elegant building of the Palazzo and the Piazza dei Consoli are also visible inthe distance. You pass the town of Madonna di Mezzo Piano (km 24) and after while you cross the narrow passage onthe highway overpass, pay attention to vehicles. The walk continues on the outskirts of Gubbio.Nearby there is a gym on the left, turn right, look out for the sign in paint.From via Alboreto, cross the roundabout, continuing straight on via Rosmini. You reach the Roman amphitheater, walking down via Alcuino from York.Continue on the avenue of the Roman theater up to the medieval gate, which you cross to reach the church of San Francesco (km 26.2). Here we are greeted by the statue representing Francis and the wolf, in memory of the miracle ofthe ferocious beast, tamed by the saint.

3) Map Pietralunga – Gubbio


1) The property is 3.2 km from Pietralunga. The Fountain is located past the house on the left adjacent to the water conservatory. Coordinates: N43 ° 26.256 ‘E12 ° 27.201’

ATTENTION Refilling water will be at the next fountain in about 17 Km

2) Loreto – at the church 20.5 km from Pietralunga and 10 km from GubbioCoordinates: N43 ° 23.504 ‘E12 ° 29.653

3) Casamorcia– It is 24.5 km from Pietralunga and 6 km from GubbioCoordinates: N43 ° 22.121 ‘E12 ° 31.190’

4) Settestrade – It is 26 km from Pietralunga and 4.5 km from Gubbioe)Coordinates: N43 ° 21.481 ‘E12 ° 31.763’


ATTENTION TO DOGS ALONG THE ROUTE: many people have reported the presence of dogs guarding sheep and farms along the way! For specific advice we advise you to consult the following link:

CAUTION Always carry a good supply of water with you especially during the summer: there are not many water sources along the way.

CAUTION to the slippery terrain when it rains, especially in the stretch from San Benedetto to Loreto where the trailpasses through woods and pine forests.


We always advise you to consult the site listed here’offerta/Linee-regionali/Umbria


The departure is from the square in front of the Bar Pizzeria “Il Triangolo”The Fascia D ticket can be purchased at the Boschetto Bar or the Tinca Bar or it can be purchased at a higher cost on the bus.


From Monday to Friday at 18:00 at Sala Angela Fiorucci – Palazzo Fiorucci.Saturday at 17:00 at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies.Sunday 8:30 am at Sala Angela Fiorucci – Palazzo Fiorucci and 11:00 am at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Remedies.Confessions after each mass.Credential stamp after the 18:00 mass in the sacristy or rectory.


For pilgrims who need a transfer or for luggage transport.

To be used only if necessary.

Phone numbers to call : 347 3785364 and 3482809541

Rate 0.35 cents per KM and € 5.00 per call


  • Parish 075 9460055
  • Emergency medical Service 075 5416168
  • Pharmacy 075 9460521
  • Carabinieri Pietralunga 075 9460013
  • Alpine rescue 118 (specifying that it is an intervention in the mountains)
  • Ambulance 118
  • First aid Guardia Forestale 1515
  • First aid Carabinieri 112
  • First aid Polizia di Stato 113


Low Budget Accommodation

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Specialiased Accommodation:

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The credential is a travel document held by the pilgrim and is used to distinguish a pilgrim from a tourist or traveller. Pilgrims collect stamps on the credential travel document (one or more for each stage) along with the stamp the person who welcomes them will also sign and date the credential.You can have your document stamped:

  • in the Council office from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 14:00 and Tuesday and Thursday from 15:00 to 18:00
  • in the sacristy or rectory from 5.00 pm onwards.



Using only a smartphone you will be able to discover the history and the beauties of Pietralunga in an interactive guided tour in ITALIAN.

The route winds through the most important monuments that characterize the area through an interactive journey through history. Starting from the QR Codes placed near the monuments you can learn about the history of the medieval back streets of Pietralunga.

For information in ENGLISH see

All this information can also be found on the tourist information website of Pietralunga in the section dedicated to walks in the area: